“Based on my positive experience, I do recommend the prompt, thorough quality services provided by Primeaire.

My home listed for sale in New Jersey and was found to have areas of mold. The potential buyer brought in an industrial environmental service for mold testing, fearing Stachybotrys, the black mold recently written about in a local paper. The buyer was worried about air quality.

I wanted a second opinion. The newspaper article led me to treatment experts who recommended Primeaire a very high quality firm for performing residential environmental analyses. Unlike other services I explored or had contact with, Primeaire’s procedures included on-site use of the microscope and the latest recommended government collection methodologies and technology.

Primeaire also provided valuable background and other supplemental material, extensive follow-up, plus an extensive written report, guidance on inexpensive yet thorough treatment, and friendly authoritative interactions with those on the other side of the house sale transaction.

Prime aire was very courteous and supportive throughout the process and charged very reasonable fees that felt to me like a bargain for the quality and range of services delivered.

In retrospect, PrimeAire provided far more service, far more thorough analysis, more accurate methodology and a far more timely and communicative manner and with better advice than other services charging twice as much or more.

Personally, I found the quality and value of PrimeAire to be one of those model gems of service companies one finds maybe once a year across all consumer services."

- Jackie Fuertes, Edison, New Jersey

"The prime aire inspectors were prompt, thorough and professional when it came to inspecting our home. We knew we had a problem because shortly after moving into our new home both myself and our children started to experience unexplained respiratory problems.

Our Doctor suggested we have are home inspected for mold. Prime aire certified mold inspectors were able to assist us in identifying where the mold was and more importantly directing us on the proper way to remediate."

Thomas Bernstein, Westbury, New York

"I was so impressed with the inspection plan prime aire followed when inspecting our home of 19 years. They were extremely thorough. They looked for mold in places that I would never have thought to look.

I was provided with a comprehensive detailed report which included pictures of the affected areas, lab results and an observation and recommendation summary of suggested next steps."

Maryanne Helfrich, Brooklyn, New York

I recently used the services of Prime Aire to evaluate a home that I was under contract to purchase. I was right at the beginning of the due diligence period when I secured PrimeAire’s services. The scope of PrimeAire’s work was to check for moisture and mold problems in the home.

Along with my realtor, I met the Prime aire inspector at the home and I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of moisture issues and his professional manner. The PrimeAire inspector found moisture in one of the walls and he found that the HVAC system had some mold and also needed a professional cleaning.

Additionally, Prime aire took indoor and outdoor mold samples. Within a few business days, I received the results of the lab samples. I communicated the moisture issue to the seller and the seller agreed to fix the wall and to clean the HVAC system. The repairs that the seller made to the wall, both to dry it out and to fix the source of the leak, were in excess of $4,000.

I would highly recommend Prime aire Mold Services to anyone concerned about moisture/mold issues. I have much greater peace with the knowledge that my children are sleeping in a safe environment! One other note – I have used the services of other moisture professionals and have I concluded that PrimeAire is in the “elite” category when it comes to moisture/mold professionals!

Carla Perry, Queens, New York

My wife and I wish to thank the Primeaire inspector for the professional manner in which you conducted yourself throughout the mold inspection and testing process of our home. From the beginning, you immediately answered all my telephone calls and questions.

In addition, you inspected our home on less than 24 hours notice and your inspection report was sent to us within the expedited 24 hour period as promised. We thank you for taking the time to explain your findings and we would heartily recommend that others use your services. Thanks again.

William Frahmer, New York, New York